What is the most standard subnet length on internet

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Tue Dec 23 01:11:45 UTC 2008

On Mon, 22 Dec 2008, Seth Mattinen wrote:

> Anyone running a platform that can't take a full table would apply such a 
> filter to weed out anyone who likes to announce all of their space as /24's 
> for "traffic engineering". If one does that and doesn't announce the 
> aggregate as well, one could find themselves facing random black holes.

There's no "if" about it.  Months ago when I and others were looking into 
this, we found plenty of examples of networks with /19s, /20s, etc. 
announcing only the /24 deaggregates.  If you plan to filter these people 
and have customers to answer to, you'll need to point default at someone 
who's not filtering them.

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