ICANN/Dotster emergency contacts? (hopefully not too OT)

Edward B. DREGER eddy+public+spam at noc.everquick.net
Mon Dec 22 15:03:12 UTC 2008


Does anyone have any "emergency" contacts at ICANN? Dotster?  I have a
couple domains that were erroneously expired this year instead of next.
(I have the CC statement and ref # in front of me, to be certain that
I'm not hallucinating.)

Automated web form failed to send (to different domain) account info,
and hold time is getting annoying.  I've already filed the ICANN
complaint, but that doesn't restore service.  I'd buy an extra year and
worry about the dispute later, but see note about automated web form.

Please CC me @brotsman.com, and I can't currently receive email via the
address by which I'm subscribed.  And off-list, please.  I don't want to
drag things even farther OT than I already have.

Thanks, and sorry for the panicked OT noise,
Eddy (please remember to s/noc.everquick.net/brotsman.com/)
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