What is the most standard subnet length on internet

Danny McPherson danny at tcb.net
Sat Dec 20 17:42:47 UTC 2008

On Dec 18, 2008, at 9:43 PM, 정치영 wrote:

> Suresh,
> Yes, I guess my concern is close to the second meaning.
> It seems so simple. Currently annoucement of /24 seems to be okey,  
> most upstream providers accept this.
> However I wonder if there is any ground rule based on any standard  
> or official recommandation.
> If there is some standardized rule about prefix length to be  
> annouced, I will make my bgp & IP allocation policy of
> each data center of my company, and I will be able to more fairly  
> and squarely speak to my customer like this
> "You have to change your server's IP address if you want move your  
> server to other place"

Some useful guidance is provided here (and in
subsequent references) as well:

An Architecture for IP Address Allocation with CIDR

Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR): an Address Assignment and  
Aggregation Strategy

Network Renumbering Overview

A Framework for Inter-Domain Route Aggregation



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