Security Intelligence [Was: Re: Netblock reassigned from Chile to US ISP...]

Brandon Galbraith brandon.galbraith at
Sat Dec 20 07:57:45 UTC 2008

On 12/20/08, Seth Mattinen <sethm at> wrote:
> I like automation. It has rules and follows them. The rules are posted
> ahead of time for all to see. Most of the time people are happy to see the
> automated system put a stop to some kind of potential disaster before it has
> time to cause more damage. It's like your credit card company calling you
> because suddenly there's abnormal charges on your card.
> ~Seth
But it's definitely not cool when my credit card company cuts off my card
due to "abnormal charges" when I'm abroad and suddenly can't get ahold of
customer service via their international phone number. Automation in the
right places works wonders for both convenience and the bottom line. In the
wrong places, it's a sawed off shotgun pointed at your feet.


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