Gigabit Linux Routers

Martin List-Petersen martin at
Sat Dec 20 03:26:12 UTC 2008

David Coulson wrote:
> It doesn't - It's just an x86 PC. I have Vyatta running inside VMware
> ESX, not well, but it works ;-)
> Comparing Imagestream and Vyatta to Juniper is crazy. The first two are
> software based platforms (with perhaps some hardware off-load for
> checksums and whatnot), where as the Juniper pretty much just uses BSD
> for control-plane features (BGP, for example, and controlling the
> hardware that actually does packet switching/routing).

Sorry, but it's not crazy at all. They are all routers. The question is
now, what your requirements are and what you are looking for.

All I was pointing out was, that it doesn't matter, what platform the
router is based on, but more, what hardware it's running on and how much
work has been spend on optimizing it.

You can use an Olive with JunOS on stock hardware, too and you'll
probably be fine for gbit speeds, but you can't expect support for it.

It's nice to see some development in the FOSS side of things to get past
gbit speeds, but I don't think Imagestream or Vyatta could be mixed in
there either, because that's the other end of the scale again (within
the software routers that is).

Kind regards,
Martin List-Petersen

> Brandon Galbraith wrote:
>> I wasn't aware of imagestream using any custom (asic) hardware, except
>> the T1/3 cards in the concentrator we bought from them (worked like a
>> champ, btw).

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