Gigabit Linux Routers

Ingo Flaschberger if at
Sat Dec 20 02:05:00 UTC 2008

Dear Joe,

> I did that experiment below.  I didn't grab snapshots of the routing table
> at the time, but I described the effect.  Essentially, upon downing of the
> interface, the local link via the vlan20 interface went away, and was
> promptly replaced by the OSPF route (generally good/desirable).  Further
> discussion was in my previous message.

I'm not shure if this setup would ever be "stable".
also with ucarp tweaks.
hopefully freebsd supports soon more than 1 route.

>> only carp-int has the ip's.
> Really?  Interesting.  I'm trying to think of how that would be configured.
> How does the system identify which ethernet interface to use, or is this
> something that's specific to Linux?

I'm not shure how I have configured that (~6months ago).
Now with ucarp I use a /32 for the interfaces as ip and
the virtual ip is added as an alias.

> I'm aware of the Quagga OSPF issues, having grinched about them a number
> of times in various places.  For what it is worth, there's a patch that
> appears to work, but which was thought to not really be a "correct" fix.
> Several people, including us, however, are using it with apparent success.

As far I remember, freebsd changed the multicast-interface to 
linux-style. Source code seems to be already there, only makefile needs to 
be changed, to support freebsd <7 and 7.

Kind regards,
 	Ingo Flaschberger

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