Gigabit Linux Routers

Adam Crosby adam+nanog at
Thu Dec 18 15:07:04 UTC 2008

On Dec 18, 2008, at 4:00 AM, Eugeniu Patrascu wrote:

> Chris wrote:
>> Now to look at very affordable layer 2, Gigabit 3com switches with  
>> good pps.
> You should take a look at HP. They have very good gigabit switches  
> and also offer lifetime guarantee on them.
> HP actually has a CLI to configure the switch, not the crap 3Com has.
Not to defend 3Com or anything, but all of their enterprise stuff (for  
quite a few years now) has an extremely similar CLI to IOS.  Came out  
very shortly after they got involved with Huawei.
If you're already familiar with 3com enterprise gear, check out the  
4200G series for cheap L2 gig switching.


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