Advice requested for OpenBSD vs. Linux/OpenBGP vs. Quagga router deployment.

Marc Runkel MRunkel at
Wed Dec 17 17:37:11 UTC 2008

Greetings all,

We are a software development firm that currently delivers our install ISOs via Sourceforge.  We need to start serving them ourselves for marketing reasons and are therefore increasing our bandwidth and getting a 2nd ISP in our datacenter.  Both ISPs will be delivering 100mbit/sec links.  We don't expect to increase that for the next year or so and expect average traffic to be about 40-60mbit/sec.

We are planning to run two OpenBSD based firewalls (with CARP and pf) running OpenBGP in order to connect to the two ISPs.

I saw from previous email that Quagga was recommended as opposed to OpenBGP.  Any further comments on that?  Also,  any comments on the choice of OpenBSD vs. Linux?

I don't want to start a religious war :-) Just curious about what most folks are doing and what their experiences have been.

Thanks in advance,

Marc Runkel
Technical Operations Manager
Untangle, Inc.

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