Net Mgmt Tools and supporting OS

vitto malitani vmalitani at
Mon Dec 15 17:05:52 UTC 2008

Thanks to all who replied.  Due to ease of deployment I will probably go
with the Cent)S based server and tools and modify things as I need it

Best of luck,


On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 4:00 PM, Claudia de Luna <cldeluna at> wrote:

> Vito,
> I"m currently consulting to the state of California corrections department
> on their wan and this question continually comes up.
> My recommendation is to get started with CactiEZ as you SNMP management
> tool.  CactiEZ is a CentOS based Cacti server that essentially loads
> everything you need to get up and running.  If you already have an
> authoratative and complete list of all your network infrastructure equipment
> it is then a simple matter of adding the devices to the server.
> Out of the box you get your syslog server (essential) with some basic
> search capabilities, your monitoring for bandwidth utilization, errors,
> latency (ping based) and router CPU.
> You can grow from there with notification (it's pretty basic but better
> than nothing), availability reports, and even a weather map.
> As someone else already said, use the OS you are most comfortable with.
> Running monitoring on a network is a full time job in and of itself so don't
> complicate things!
> Tools like OpenNMS and Nagios are a little more complex.  The CactiEZ CD is
> pretty much turnkey and gives you most, if not all, the tools to get you up
> and running. From there you can see what needs it does not meet and grow
> from there.
> Claudia
> This link lists the "plug ins" available out of the box but there are
> others as Cacti has a very good plug in architecture.
> Example WeatherMap
> ------------------------------
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> *Subject:* Net Mgmt Tools and supporting OS
> I am fairly new user of nanog mail list so I am not sure if the question
> below is appropriate for this list.  If not, please excuse it.
> - I am building a new low-budget customer WAN/LAN network and need some
> ideas for network management tools.  I've seen couple of email threads
> regarding all sort of "net goodies".  However, since I haven't used them
> all, I am not sure which OS would be the most appropriate for these aps?
> Can anyone share their ideas in regards  of apps and supporting platforms?
> I would be most comfortable with free distribution of linux, but I am not
> sure which distro supports most of the tools?  Is the paid OS required for
> all these tools, like RedHat Server or SuSe or Windows platforms?
> Thanks much,
> Vitto

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