Netblock reassigned from Chile to US ISP...

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Fri Dec 12 20:02:07 UTC 2008

Nicolas Antoniello wrote:
> Sorry for my ignorance... but may some one explain how this
> fraud-prevention service works?
> How about US tourists in Chile trying to buy something with it's US
> based credit card?  :)

It's a misconception of some muppets, especially in IT related products, 
that forget, that a lot or IT professionals do travel all over the world 
and usually have a credit card in their home country.

Pure and utter nonsense.


> Thx,
> Nic.
> Frank Bulk wrote:
>> Is there an easy way to get past history on an IP block?  Most sites will
>> show you aspects of that *now*....
>> Frank
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>> Martin List-Petersen wrote:
>> -> Contact Google.
>> Somebody from Google replied off-list.  Sounds like Google maybe
>> had this updated even before he looked at it.
>> -> Again. Akamai is helpful. Contact them.
>> Somebody from Akamai replied off-list and they're looking into it.
>> ->     3) End-user unable to complete an online e-commerce transaction
>> ->     due to a fraud-prevention service thinking he was a Chilean user
>> ->     trying to buy something with a US-based credit card.
>> ->
>> -> There's no fast fix for this, but have you talked to MaxMind about
>> -> chaning the Geo location ? They'll implent it fast and it's in their
>> -> DB within a week, max 2, but it'll take 2 months at least, before it
>> MaxMind was the first place I checked; they already had the correct
>> info when I looked.  IP2Location don't have the right info, but they
>> think it's a IP in Washington DC which probably won't be a
>> problem.  No idea about Digital Element yet.
>> Netblock is - was reg'd a couple of weeks ago so folks
>> who pull ARIN assignments regularly will have it.  Those who care but
>> don't check ARIN regularly may want to see if they think it's in Chile,
>> and change it to Denver, Colorado if so.
>> -> However, the ecommerce issue is a bit worse, because there's some
>> -> of'em out there, like one of the biggest hosters in the states, that
>> -> have 2 year old data.
>> Yeah, it's those types that I'm hoping to locate as well...  Google
>> and Akamai were immediately noticed by the test users, and have also
>> responded very quickly (thanks, guys), but ideally we'd like to be
>> proactive and get as many of these updated *before* the real customers
>> hit the network and start having problems.
>>                         -Robert.-

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