Netblock reassigned from Chile to US ISP...

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Fri Dec 12 19:13:59 UTC 2008

Is there an easy way to get past history on an IP block?  Most sites will
show you aspects of that *now*....


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Martin List-Petersen wrote:
-> Contact Google.

Somebody from Google replied off-list.  Sounds like Google maybe
had this updated even before he looked at it.

-> Again. Akamai is helpful. Contact them.

Somebody from Akamai replied off-list and they're looking into it.

->     3) End-user unable to complete an online e-commerce transaction
->     due to a fraud-prevention service thinking he was a Chilean user
->     trying to buy something with a US-based credit card.
-> There's no fast fix for this, but have you talked to MaxMind about
-> chaning the Geo location ? They'll implent it fast and it's in their
-> DB within a week, max 2, but it'll take 2 months at least, before it

MaxMind was the first place I checked; they already had the correct
info when I looked.  IP2Location don't have the right info, but they
think it's a IP in Washington DC which probably won't be a
problem.  No idea about Digital Element yet.

Netblock is - was reg'd a couple of weeks ago so folks
who pull ARIN assignments regularly will have it.  Those who care but
don't check ARIN regularly may want to see if they think it's in Chile,
and change it to Denver, Colorado if so.

-> However, the ecommerce issue is a bit worse, because there's some
-> of'em out there, like one of the biggest hosters in the states, that
-> have 2 year old data.

Yeah, it's those types that I'm hoping to locate as well...  Google
and Akamai were immediately noticed by the test users, and have also
responded very quickly (thanks, guys), but ideally we'd like to be
proactive and get as many of these updated *before* the real customers
hit the network and start having problems.


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