Netblock reassigned from Chile to US ISP...

Martin List-Petersen martin at
Thu Dec 11 21:10:23 UTC 2008

Robert Tarrall wrote:
> 1) is in Spanish

Contact Google.

> 2) Web pages are slow - am assuming this is due to folks like Akamai
> sending them to content caches in Chile though I haven't tested it
> myself... God knows "web pages are slow" isn't particularly specific but
> I'm assuming an OC-3 with 3 DSL subscribers on it will be reasonably
> free of congestion and I know the upstream is competent.

Again. Akamai is helpful. Contact them.

> 3) End-user unable to complete an online e-commerce transaction due to
> a fraud-prevention service thinking he was a Chilean user trying to buy
> something with a US-based credit card.

There's no fast fix for this, but have you talked to MaxMind about 
chaning the Geo location ? They'll implent it fast and it's in their DB 
within a week, max 2, but it'll take 2 months at least, before it makes 
the internet turn-around.

I've ranges, that were originally in Denmark, UK and Germany  (we're in 
Ireland) and after half a year and actively submitting data to MaxMind, 
that actually ok.

I've not had the necessity to contact Google or Akamai.

However, the ecommerce issue is a bit worse, because there's some of'em 
out there, like one of the biggest hosters in the states, that have 2 
year old data.

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