Netblock reassigned from Chile to US ISP...

Robert Tarrall tarrall at
Thu Dec 11 21:00:44 UTC 2008

Request for help here.  We have a business partner who, like us, provides
DSL services to residential and small-business customers in the US Rocky
Mountain region.

They just got a /20 from ARIN and were intending to renumber into it in
the next week or so, but apparently it used to belong to a company in
Chile.  Symptoms after a morning of testing:

1) is in Spanish

2) Web pages are slow - am assuming this is due to folks like Akamai
sending them to content caches in Chile though I haven't tested it
myself... God knows "web pages are slow" isn't particularly specific but
I'm assuming an OC-3 with 3 DSL subscribers on it will be reasonably
free of congestion and I know the upstream is competent.

3) End-user unable to complete an online e-commerce transaction due to
a fraud-prevention service thinking he was a Chilean user trying to buy
something with a US-based credit card.

Can't be the first time this has happened.  Anyone have suggestions or
experience with this?  I assume it'll eventually resolve - at least
for 98% of sites/issues - but don't know whether "eventually" means
"tomorrow" or "in a couple of years" or what they can do to accelerate
the process.

                       -Robert Tarrall.-
                       Director of Technology
                       E.Central/Neighborhood Link

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