_65000_ in as-path - paging 8544, 16229, 37958

Marshall Eubanks tme at multicasttech.com
Wed Dec 10 16:24:00 UTC 2008

On Dec 10, 2008, at 11:08 AM, Cvetan Ivanov wrote:

> Hi,
> Marshall Eubanks wrote:
>> Is there some reason why 65000 is especially problematic ?
> 65000 and above are private as numbers and should not be seen in the  
> global table.

None of the numbers I included should be seen in the global tables,  
that is why I included them. However, these bogons are basically  
always there (not the same set, but something), and
I as far as I can tell they are fairly benign. The "private"
ASN I have tracked down in the past have all been apparently
innocent mistakes.

If someone wanted to phish from an AS,
there are lots of others that would not be so obvious. Right now, for  
I see 19 ASN from Afrnic blocks with no WHOIS info at all, which  
worries me rather more.


> Cvetan
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> Cvetan Ivanov
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