Comcast DNS

S. Ryan auser at
Tue Dec 9 05:27:14 UTC 2008

I'm in Fresno, California and having these exact same issues with 
ATT/Level 3 connectivity to Google.

randal k wroteth on 12/8/2008 9:11 PM:
> I'll second that. My Google-everything has been totally rocked all
> evening from my home comcast connection.
> Randal/Colorado Springs, CO
> On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 9:48 PM, Mike Lewinski <mike at> wrote:
>> There are issues between Google and Comcast in the Denver area for at least
>> the last 12 hours. Pages are sporadically stalling before load (indefinitely
>> as far as I can tell). I found a gmail message I'd sent more than 30 minutes
>> prior still processing. This is affecting all google services that I've
>> tried so far.
>> However, I don't see any evidence this problem is DNS-related, and have not
>> otherwise been experiencing name resolution problems or had any other recent
>> Comcast connectivity issues.
>> So, if there's a clue-wielder from either company around, I'm happy to
>> provide traces and dumps if you want to ping me offlist.

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