Comcast DNS

Darryl Dunkin ddunkin at
Tue Dec 9 04:52:34 UTC 2008

Add Seattle/Washington to the list.

It's been a rough week with Comcast, with a state-wide outage last
Thursday morning as well.

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There are issues between Google and Comcast in the Denver area for at 
least the last 12 hours. Pages are sporadically stalling before load 
(indefinitely as far as I can tell). I found a gmail message I'd sent 
more than 30 minutes prior still processing. This is affecting all 
google services that I've tried so far.

However, I don't see any evidence this problem is DNS-related, and have 
not otherwise been experiencing name resolution problems or had any 
other recent Comcast connectivity issues.

So, if there's a clue-wielder from either company around, I'm happy to 
provide traces and dumps if you want to ping me offlist.

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