McColo and SPAM

Mick Bergman bergmanm at
Fri Dec 5 19:42:33 UTC 2008

We are still significantly below the volume we had before McColo got
shut down as well. See attached.

On a side note, each horizontal line is 50,000 messages received, each
color is a class of email received (i.e. blocked due to bad recipient,
blocked due to the sender, blocked due to the content of the email,

Before being shut down we accepted about 1000 emails out of 200,000+
emails a day. Yesterday we only received 50,000 emails delivered total
but accepted a similar amount (as expected).


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It is still way down for me, see attached.


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Since McColo closed, we noticed the spam was far more intensive than

However, it seems the amount of spam is similar than than before.

Do you feel the same ?

Many thanks,

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