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>>> On Thu, Dec 04, 2008 at 11:08:49AM -0600, Jack Bates wrote:
>>>> Unless you live in a natural disaster prone location.
>>> So don't do that.
>> There is literarily no place on the planet that is safe from natural
>> disaster.
> A "natural disaster prone location" would, by a normal person, be
> taken to be one where there is a high probability of being visited by
> nature's Fuckup Fairies.  Such as flood plains (eg much of the Thames
> estuary) and the sides of active volcanoes (Naples).  Most places have
> a very *low* probability of being visited by the fuckup fairy.

The recurrence time for Mount Vesuvius is roughly 2000 years and  
counting. By contrast,
the serious Earthquake repeat time on the East Coast of the US is more  
like 400 years, and overdue, so I guess
I should move to Naples. (That doesn't count New Madrid, for which  
there is serious argument as to the order of magnitude of the  
recurrence time.)

One thing I remember from days trying to measure Earthquake induced  
deformations of the crust geodetically is that most Earthquakes that  
kill people occur on previously unknown faults.

By the way, the British Geological Survey says that the recurrence  
time for a serious Earthquake in Britain is about 500 years. (Britain,  
not the UK; Ireland apparently has a very low occurrence rate for both  
snakes and Earthquakes.)

This is again off-off-topic, so let's take this off-list.


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