Stress Testing LAN/WAN

Brad Fleming bdfleming at
Thu Dec 4 23:37:38 UTC 2008

With iperf, you can use the -d option to initiate a "real-time  
parallel" test (my term). You can also use the -r option to run a  
"trade-off parallel" test (again, my term).

To see the other options iperf offers:

Sounds like you might also be interested in the -B option. When  
coupled with multiple interfaces, you can pretty easily test QoS  
configs by sourcing from different interfaces / IPs (if that's your  
identifying characteristic).

KanREN uses iperf on Mac Minis running OSX 10.5 with great results.  
The newer Minis can pretty easily push 950+Mbps if you run 4 or more  
streams (-n option). Or at least that has been our experience.

I would also suggest doing some TCP buffer tuning if you anticipate  
round-trip latency to be >20ms. Here are some general guidelines for  
various platforms:

On Dec 4, 2008, at 5:08 PM, Holmes,David A wrote:

> I have used Solarwinds Wan Killer, but have yet to discover a method  
> of
> initiating round-trip traffic from a single generator, but Solarwinds
> can stress a GiGE MAN link using a desktop PC with a GiGE card as the
> generator.

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