Telecom Collapse?

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Thu Dec 4 22:23:27 UTC 2008

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On Wed, 03 Dec 2008 22:59:00 PST, Paul Ferguson said:

> I deliberated for a while on whether to send this, or not, but  I figure it
> might be of interest to this community:

The article goes on to quote some other source regarding Hawaiian Telecom's
collapse.  The *very first sentence* of the quote:

"Customers initially had complained about poor service."

I quit reading after that, as I could already see where this was heading.

As with many articles, there is a lot more here than meets the eye.  The article is partially about my employer: Hawaiian Telcom. 

At least for the small telcos, like Hawaiian Telcom, this is important: "...we could free the phone companies to configure and price their basic phone service more efficiently, let them build broadband networks which can compete with the cable companies or anyone else and free taxpayers to rescue someone else."  I never realized how hard core the regulatory hurdles are to ILEC competition until I came to work for one.  The cable companies have no such barriers.


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