Telecom Collapse?

Michael Thomas mike at
Thu Dec 4 19:18:42 UTC 2008

Joe Abley wrote:
> This is straying far from network operations, but I think 911 generally 
> engenders an unnecessary degree of hysteria. As I suggested before, the 
> marketing of this fear from certain quarters has apparently been quiet 
> effective.
> The probability of any single individual needing to call 911 is already 
> minute. The probably that all available cell and VoIP services also 
> won't work precisely at the moment that a 911 call needs to be made is 
> even smaller.

   We haven't really had a major catastrophe where we've been totally
   dependent on IP yet, AFIAK. Maybe all of the qos, call gapping and
   the rest of the stuff the TDM networks do to deal with disasters
   will be left in the dustbin of Moore's Law, but maybe they won't. One
   thing is certain: we'll definitely find out one day, and it's not
   likely to be from a position of having taken the precautions,
   congratulating ourselves IMO.


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