Telecom Collapse?

Chris Marlatt cmarlatt at
Thu Dec 4 16:04:12 UTC 2008

Joe Abley wrote:
> I seem to remember when I *did* have dial-tone from Bell Canada I'd pick
> up the handset and get dead air a disturbing proportion of the time. The
> idea that copper wire-line providers are the only ones who can provide
> stable telephony doesn't ring true, for me. There's a reason why the
> five nines don't include the last mile.
> Joe

Obviously experiences differ. I for one can't remember a single time
I've picked up a POTS line and there not be a dial tone. This with
living in several different cities along the East Coast. I find it
significantly harder for a VOIP service to "guarantee" availability than
 a traditional POTS service. And for E911 any increased level of
guarantee is better.

However, for me it is increasingly more frequent that cell calls don't
complete on the first try, or there are "bad zones" either at home or at
work where having a conversation is impossible. Not a huge issue for
normal phone calls but in an emergency who wants to be finding that
special place where service is clear and the 911 operator can hear you.

Personally I'll keep a POTS line in the home, if for nothing more than
emergencies, until VOIP and Cell providers can consistently offer the
same level of services I've had with a traditional phone.



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