Telecom Collapse?

Tomas L. Byrnes tomb at
Thu Dec 4 15:17:01 UTC 2008

If they had made any decent investment in plant, or had not run the DSL
CLECs out of business, they could make money on DSL and Video services,
or by leasing the unused copper.

There's no sympathy for companies that have been nothing more than
obstacles to progress.

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>Chris Adams wrote:
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>figure it
>>> might be of interest to this community:
>> One thing doesn't make sense in that article: it talks about POTS
>> subsidized by other services, and people cutting POTS lines.
>> that be _good_ for the companies and their other services?  The way
>> article describes things, fewer POTS lines = smaller subsidies taken
>> from other services = better profits for other services and the
>the lines are still there and still require maintenance so they loose
>money on it.

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