Telecom Collapse?

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Thu Dec 4 07:06:45 UTC 2008

> I deliberated for a while on whether to send this, or not, but  I figure
> it might be of interest to this community:

Good god. If there is even the mention of a LEC bailout, I am going to go insane and probably shoot someone (those who know me know this is a actual possibility).

If the phone companies had actually focused on providing good, competitive service, this would have never happened. Instead, they spent money and time on figuring out ways to screw with their competition, and have legislation passed that protects them. 

People (at least the ones I know) are fed up with dealing with these companies, and many people I know don't have land lines and never intend on having them again. 

Let them collapse. It's good for them, us, and the capitalist in you and me. Go buy a cell phone, and have a coke.

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