Yahoo DNS broken?

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Thu Dec 4 05:58:51 UTC 2008

At 03:47 PM 03-12-08 -0500, Cat Okita wrote:

Can someone from Akamai report as to what happened?  I did not see any 
notice on EdgeControl but I did get email from my auto-alerts set up at 
Akamai as follows:
NAME:        DNS failure
TYPE:        Origin DNS Failure
SERVICE:     HTTP Content Delivery
START TIME:  Wed, Dec 3, 12:42 GMT 2008
STOP TIME:   Wed, Dec 3, 12:50 GMT 2008

       CP Code:                     32023
       CP Code Description:         WAA
       Hits:                        53
       Errors:                      5
       Alert Condition (% Errors):  8
       Alert Threshold:             1
       Edge IP:           

The Origin DNS Failure Alert indicates errors when Akamai edge servers are 
to reach the origin server because they're unable to resolve the DNS name.

So I'm curious as to what happened.


>Looks like some of akamai's nameservers have misplaced themselves and yahoo.
>On Thu, 4 Dec 2008, Nathan Ward wrote:
>>There is no A records, correct.
>>There is a CNAME though:
>>    45      IN      CNAME
>> 45    IN      A
>>On 4/12/2008, at 9:36 AM, Larry Daberko wrote:
>>>I am unable to resolve  Tracing DNS back from the root
>>>servers shows that is a CNAME to and
>>>there are no A records for that hostname.
>>>Anyone have more details or a Yahoo contact?  I'm unable to get to their
>>>webpage as it is :-)
>>>-Larry Daberko
>>>iServe Technologies

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