Recommendation of Tools

grenville armitage garmitage at
Wed Dec 3 22:40:14 UTC 2008

Lee, Steven (NSG Malaysia) wrote:
> Hi all, do you have any recommended tools that can measure latency/delay hop by hop basis? Preferable the tools can measure the running (live) traffic.
> Regards,
> Steven Lee

Not necessarily hop-by-hop, and measures RTT rather than one-way delay,
but if you can packet-sniff at two points in your network our SPP
(Synthetic Packet Pairs) tool for passive round trip time estimation
might be of interest -

Key benefits - you don't need tight clock synchronisation between
measurement points, and you can measure RTT using existing traffic
flowing across your network (no additional traffic needs to be
injected). Key downside - its a research project, only tested under
FreeBSD, and may be entirely unsuitable :)


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