Peering Personals BoF NANOG45, Attention Peering Coordinators

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Wed Dec 3 19:43:37 UTC 2008

Attention Peering Coordinators,

NANOG45 is approaching quickly and it's time to get our Peering Personals participants lined up for the Peering BoF.

Peering Personals is part of the Peering BoF (Birds Of a Feather) session and provides a forum for Peering Coordinators to meet each other with the goal of establishing peering relationships.

Participating Peering Coordinators will complete and email the form below to the Peering BOF moderator in advance of the BOF.

Peering Coordinators will have ~two minutes at the BOF to introduce themselves, their networks, where they currently peer and where they intend to be peering in the next several months, a little bit about what they require of potential peers and what they are looking for in a peering candidate. Peering Coordinators who would like to participate in Peering Introductions should e-mail the following information to aaronh at with the subject of "NANOG 45 Peering BOF" no later than Dec 31, 2008.:

Name: _____________________
AS#: _____________________
Email Address: ________________
Peering Locations Today: __________________
Peering Locations in the next 3-6 months: ________________
Is your network more Content-Heavy or Access-Heavy ?
Do you source/sink more than 5Gbps of traffic?
Do you require Contracts for Peering?
Do you have an "Open Peering Policy (meaning you will peer with anyone in any single location), "Selective Peering Policy (meaning you will peer but have some prerequisites that must be met first)â, or "Restrictive Peering Policy (meaning you generally will not peer with anybody else)?"

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.




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