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> pardon me for resurrecting this topic...
> For sites that are built in caves, how do they deal with cabling ?

Like any datacenter. Raceways on top of racks or under the floor. _Proper_
datacentres in caves (like, those made to actually be safe against all
those DHS-funding movie plots) consist of a pretty standard CO building
built inside a cave. Of course, there are a number of extras like EMP, gas
and blast barriers, but they normally are outside the house. 

Pionen (the site that trigered this offtopic thread) is a showoff, not
correctly expanded from the design originally made by those people who know
about blast waves and such. 
> In the pretty pictures of the swedish site, there didn't seem to be an
> obvious raised floor.

There is a raised floor, iirc. 

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