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> 1) This datacenter is only 12,000 sq ft. (submessage: who cares?)

For some things, it is OK. It is not the only one, only the best marketed
> 2) The generators are underground. A leak in their exhaust system kills
> everyone -- worse, a leak in their fuel tank or filler lines (when being
> filled from above) could do the same. Yes, you could address this with
> alarms (provided they work and are tested, etc).

The original design and purpose required internal gensets. Keeping them
inside is still  important for a number of reasons. This is the Baltic, not
San Diego. Rain, fog, snow, etc. Both intake and exhaust are normally
coupled to the outside via boulder-blocked blasted tunnels, so the gas path
is not connected to the inside. 

> 3) No one cares if the server farm is blast proof (it isn't), if the
> connectivity in/out of it gets blasted (submessage: silos were meant to
> deliver one thing, datacenters aren't in the same operational model once
> they need connectivity to the outside world)

See what Mikael wrote. 

> 4) With all of that fog and plant life, I wonder how they critically
> manage humidity. [Or if they even do].

I have been told by people who have been working with the construction of
this very site that it is an unusually dry cave. It is pretty high up by
Stockholm standards, which helps. 

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