an over-the-top data center

Mikael Abrahamsson swmike at
Tue Dec 2 06:49:04 UTC 2008

On Mon, 1 Dec 2008, Deepak Jain wrote:

> 3) No one cares if the server farm is blast proof (it isn't), if the 
> connectivity in/out of it gets blasted (submessage: silos were meant to 
> deliver one thing, datacenters aren't in the same operational model once 
> they need connectivity to the outside world)

It's much easier to restore fiber connectivity in a time of crisis than it 
is to source hardware manufacturered at the other end of the world and 
have this set up properly. I do think there is value in keeping the hw 
safer than the connectivity to the outside.

I bet the military or emergency services can establish a 10km fiber 
stretch in a few hours. Replacing some telecom hw and set it up from 
scratch would probably take weeks (I'm not talking about a single router 

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