EIGRP question...

Jeff Ambern jambern at grnoc.iu.edu
Mon Dec 1 19:58:46 UTC 2008

How about setting the bandwidth of the link to provider B higher.  Or
increasing the delay of the link to provider A?  Either of these should work
for you.  

On 12/1/08 2:49 PM, "Mike Lyon" <mike.lyon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Howdy,
> So I am working on an MPLS migration from provider "A" to provider "B"
> of which both terminate into my core via customer prem routers. I have
> a single EIGRP process between my core and the two customer prem
> routers supplied to me by both providers, of which I don't have access
> to. My question is, I would like to take the routes that come in from
> the neighbor "A" router and apply some kind of metrics to them so they
> are not preferred over the routes learned by the provider "B" router.
> Is this possible or would I need to be running different EIGRP
> processes between the two customer prem routers and then play around
> with some redistribution? I am hoping this isn't the case because I
> don't have access to those CPE routers and redistribution is a nasty
> thing...
> Thanks in advance for any enlightnment.
> Cheers,
> Mike


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