GNi/365main peering problems?

Rusty Hodge rusty at
Sat Aug 30 15:55:28 CDT 2008

Received this update for GNi:

> At this time we believe we have found a Cisco day 0 network  
> vulnerability.
> We have 20+ routers in our core network - 6 of the 20 have the  
> identical route
> processor and IOS version.  These 6 have been affected in 3 separate
> geographical locations in the past several days.  The network issues  
> range
> from simple SNMP failure to loss of BGP or OSPF communications.   
> These are
> creating black holes intermittently across our network. We are  
> experiencing as
> much as 20% of networks not available at this time.
> We have been coordinating with Cisco for the past two days and have  
> deployed
> patches to address the problem.  Overall, we have determined that  
> the fastest,
> surest path to restoring 100% network normality is to replace these  
> 6 routers.
> We will continue this process to replace these 6 routers.
> Two of the six affected routers have already been replaced and  
> clients have
> been moved.  We are now replacing the remaining 4 affected routers.
> We know that this week has been very painful and frustrating for  
> you.  We will
> provide a detailed and open RFO Reason For Outage post mortem  
> document as soon
> as we have the replaced the affected routers.
> Also, I will be updating all customers who have opened tickets at  
> least every
> two hours from this time to ensure that all customers have the  
> latest status
> information.  If you would prefer a phone call status report, please  
> note it
> on the ticket and I will also give you a call to answer any additional
> questions you may have.  In addition, you may call the NOC at your  
> convenience
> at (415) 979-9786.
> Thank you for your patience.

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