BGP Attack - Best Defense ?

Scott Weeks surfer at
Fri Aug 29 18:15:43 CDT 2008

------ Guy_Shields at Stream.Com wrote: ---------
You need to contact 1st their directly connected provider, 2nd contact your upstream provider and ask that they contact their peers and negate the announcement. 3rd if this is an ARIN provided block contact them as you do pay for your allocation and they will have the contacts to resolve the issue. You cannot normally announce smaller than a /24

As someone told me in a private email: 

## I would then try to contact the ASs still using the attack 
## path to get it stopped.  (Yell help on NANOG? ;-) 

:: What if the relevant ASNs are in a remote part of the world
:: that doesn't participate in NANOG, or speak english, or even
:: have a 24x7 NOC

Which is why I said "Yell help on NANOG? ;-)".  Since there're more ASN operators here than on any other *NOG I'm aware of I would have my best hope after exhausting all other avenues of resolution.


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