Revealed: The Internet's well known BGP behavior

Deepak Jain deepak at
Thu Aug 28 16:47:30 CDT 2008

> *) Filtering your customers using IRR is a requirement, however, it is not 
> a solution - in fact, in the demonstration, we registered the /24 prefix 
> we hijacked in IRR. RIRs need to integrate the allocation data with their 
> IRR data.

further clarification... [if this is obvious, just skip over the message].

IRR filters helps prevent *accidental* hijacking and *accidental* route 
spillage. In that, they seem to do their job. I don't know why people 
think that would help prevent a deliberate hijacking job.

I don't think there is enough "trust" in the IP allocation system from 
the RIRs yet (trust anchors being the word of the week) to even 
contemplate non-repudiation in advertisements yet.

We can go into lots of reasons why the Internet runs this way. I think 
we can all agree 1) Its amazing it runs as well as it does, and 2) No 
one has clearly articulated a financial reason for any large 
organizations to significantly change their interconnection 
methodologies over the current BCP [that exceeds the costs of doing so].

Until either of those assertions change, the status quo will essentially 

Alex et al, I apologize if you already covered this in your preso...

One way to help mitigate the effects of this [as a user] is to keep all 
of your conversation end points on the same network -- especially if you 
run a VPN or similar -- and [rather than scan your traceroutes daily as 
someone suggested] scan the IRRs daily to make sure no changes have been 
entered for prefixes you care about.

Just some thoughts,

Deepak Jain

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