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Wed Aug 27 18:14:36 CDT 2008

On 28/08/2008, at 8:38 AM, Randy Bush wrote:

> her at the apnic meeting, we are indulging for a bit into the deep  
> topic
> of how ot textually represent 32-bit AS numbers.  is it xxxx.xxxx or
> xxxxxxxx?  while we readily admit that a deep many year discussion  
> of a
> dot is clearly a topic for the ietf, we do have to allocate these
> things, so actually need an answer.

At AusNOG last week, it was pointed out that using a "." in the middle
of an AS number wrecks AS path regexes in RPSL.

So those of us using IRR's have to go back and rewrite all our policies.
And IRRToolSet needs to be updated, which is probably an even worse
proposition :-)

I'm strongly in favour of ASPLAIN.  I reckon the people who advocate
using dots because they think 32-bit ASNs up to 4 billion are too long
to remember are probably getting old :-)

   - mark

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