Invalid contact for / OrgName: JAM

Chris Stebner chris.stebner at
Wed Aug 27 13:56:21 CDT 2008

Very much agreed on all points (leased may have been more appropriate). 
It was a customer, im just the techie in this instance. Certified 
letters have been sent and contracts signed, that phone number used to 
work. I spoke with the ORG handle over the phone, since then its looks 
like he's disappeared. Im merely attempting to do my due diligence for 
my employ and this is without a doubt the de facto standard for 
contacting the un-contactable.

Jeroen Massar wrote
> I didn't know that you could BUY address space, then again you are
> probably talking about some old legacy block. As you say 'purchased'
> there was probably money involved, I would say: follow the money.
> I do hope that you actually where talking to the right people and didn't
> give cash to some random folks, then again, if you where not, you
> deserve that for not dealing with it properly ;)
> Maybe you should be getting your address space from ARIN?
> Greets,
>  Jeroen

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