BGP, ebgp-multihop and multiple peers

Steve Bertrand steve at
Wed Aug 27 07:39:10 CDT 2008

Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:

> The advantage of a separate loopback address is that if you ever have 
> any trouble, you can simply remove that address and the trouble is gone, 
> too. This wouldn't work for the loopback address you also use for iBGP 
> or a physical interface.

Ok. It probably would have made much more sense in my original post to 
clarify that each eBGP multihop peer session is configured on separate 
loopback interfaces, apart from the ones I use internally.

Generally, I leave lo0 as-is, lo1 for internal, then configure each eBGP 
multihop peer on an incremental loopback basis thereafter.

So, in essence, I'll continue to use a loopback (separate from internal 
functions) for ebgp-multihop peers, but instead of each session having 
its own interface/IP, I'll share one for all of them.

Thanks everyone!


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