interger to I P address

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Wed Aug 27 07:18:48 CDT 2008

Easiest way.
Take the integer, plug it into windows 'calc'.
Go to 'View: Scientific'.
Hit 'Hex'. That will show you the hex representation of the integer. Notice that it's either 7 or 8 characters long. 
If it's 7, prepend it with a 0.
Break that into 4 groups of 2. Those are the hex values for the four dotted quads. 
Make sure 'Hex' is still selected, and put in the first 2 characters, then hit 'binary'. That's your first part of the IP. Repeat for the other 3.
For example, you have 1089055123 for an integer.
In Hex thats 40E9A993. 
40 Hex = 64
E9 Hex = 233
A9 Hex = 169
94 Hex = 147
So your IP is


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