Native v6 with Level(3)?

Craig Pierantozzi craigp at
Fri Aug 22 18:51:08 CDT 2008

No native service available but there is a trial tunneled IPv6 service  
with best effort support with *no SLA* available to current Level 3  
Internet customers.  IPv6 is currently being provided via IPv4 tunnels  
to the customer's existing router and supported by a handful of  

There is a simple service agreement addendum and form to fill out for  
relevant config bits.


On Aug 22, 2008, at 5:22 PM, Kyle Murray wrote:

> Here is the response I got from L3 when I inquired about IPV6:
> "The answer to your questions is "no", we have not yet inplemented  
> IPV6 for our customers yet.  IPV4 is the de facto on our backbone  
> nad alledge router on which customers connectc."
> Poor spelling aside, it seems they have not implemented it yet.  If  
> someone manages to get them to implement, I would really like to  
> hear about it.
> -kyle
> Kyle Murray
> Network Manager
> Digital Forest, Inc.

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