Smallest netblock that providers will accept?

Kevin Blackham blackham at
Mon Aug 18 22:05:15 CDT 2008

Your assumption is generally true with most any provider. They may
even accept something smaller, but it won't make it very far if less
than /24. It's also a good idea to announce a covering prefix in case
some peer network filters on IRR minimums.

On 8/18/08, Mike Lyon <mike.lyon at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am curious as to the routing polices of the bigger providers such as
> ATT, L3, Internap, Qwest, Etc Etc...  Is there a standard size
> netblock that these providers will accept? For instance, if customer
> "A" gets a /22 from ARIN and his upstream provider is ATT and L3, what
> would the smallest block be that those providers would accept from
> customer "A"? Would they accept something as small as a /24?
> Thanks,
> Mike

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