SLAAC(autoconfig) vs DHCPv6

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>Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
>> On 18 aug 2008, at 22:23, Dale W. Carder wrote:
>>> DHCPv6
>>> - doesn't ship w/ some OS's
>> Forget about it on XP,
>Hmmm. MS says otherwise:

Did you see somewhere on that site, that WinXP does DHCPv6?
I don't.  And it would be wrong, to boot.
(Not just IPv6 support - that is one simple command ...)

>> but it's in Vista. You can add it to BSD/Linux without too much
>> trouble (are there good, bugfree implementations for those yet?)
>Bugfree? Nothing is bugfree :)
>> but Mac is a problem for prospective DHCPv6 users because the network
>> configuration mechanisms are fairly proprietary and DHCPv6 isn't
>> likely to be supported any time soon.
>Hmmmm. I have yet to play with the Mac Ipv6 support (typing this on a Mac
>now I should try in my lab later). What auto configuration mechanisms are
>you referring to? Bonjour? Isn't there an RFC or two for Zeroconf?

No, I believe he is referring to the actual network configuration.
Not the (almost) automatic/automated service/device discovery ...

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