SLAAC(autoconfig) vs DHCPv6

Charles Wyble charles at
Mon Aug 18 14:52:06 CDT 2008

Howard C. Berkowitz wrote:
> To try to stay operational about this, 

Hmmmm. I think this is an operational topic, but I can see how it would 
be seen as more of a strategic item.
> I have a reality testing question
> I've used in IPv4 and, for that matter, bridged networks:
> I submit that if you use dynamic assignment of any sort, you really have to
> have DNS dynamic update, so you can use a known name to query the function
> that's indexed by address.  Otherwise, static addresses become rather
> necessary if you want to check a resource. 

Naturally. DNS name would be required, or a static address. In an 
ISP/service provider environment I imagine that being able to hand out 
dynamic ranges would be useful. Having to handle that statically would 
be painful. :)
> This was especially a question when L2 was "in" and routing was out: how do
> you ping a MAC address?

l2ping works on bluetooth devices on Linux. Might work for other stuff 
as well. Not sure what Cisco offers in this regard.

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