RouterOS performance?

Charles Wyble charles at
Sun Aug 17 20:45:59 CDT 2008

William Pitcock wrote:
> Hi,
> We're looking at using Mikrotik's RouterOS for some some sort of
> software routing solution as part of our network in combination with
> supervised layer3 switching doing most likely some sort of limited BGP.
> Does anyone else here run it? Is it any good? Is it better than e.g.
> vyatta?

Hmmm...... the last time someone brought this subject up (hmmm mid July 
this year or so I think) it resulted in a 200 message thread. At least 
it felt like that. :)

Anyway the thread was pretty informative. Check the archives for details. 

Check out quagga, xorp, click (a ucla project). Vyataa has evidently 
changed from Xorp to Quagga for the control plane if I read the messages 
and changelogs/release notes correctly.

Feel free to post back with what you find or if you need additional 
resources. I'm sure others will post as well and give ya an earful :)

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