Public shaming list for ISPs announcing other ISPs IP space by mistake

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Aug 14 13:22:10 CDT 2008

> Step 1 : Enforce IRR for customers *now*.
> Step 2 : Enforce trusted replacement for IRR when available
> Step 3 : Profit
> Not progressing to step 1 today because you think IRR isn't the best
> solution is like not deploying IPv6 because you sat on your arse not
> deploying it all these years and justify yourself by denouncing the
> protocol on every mailing list and IRC channel at every available
> opportunity.

[ sorry for preaching.  i know you are a fellow choir member ]

for me it separates in to two things

  o what i do with my routers today.  as you know, i have been pushing
    the irr and programmatic configuration since the mid '90s.  that is
    your step 1.

    we have known how to do this for a decade.  we don't need a bunch of
    talk.  we need to shut up and hack.

  o what i do with my time.  i don't have enough time to spend on both
    hacks and rigor, so i concentrate on the design and implementation
    of long-term formal and rigorous solutions, to which you allude in
    step 2.


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