route policy (Re: Public shaming list for ISPs announcing other ISPs IP space by mistake)

Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Thu Aug 14 08:38:03 CDT 2008

> > My thoughts on the prefix filtering issue would be that we need some kind 
> > of system that works along the same principles as DNSSEC and SPF, ie a 
> > holder of IP space can publish that they would like everybody to filter  
> > in a certain way for announcements for that perticular prefix, and then  
> > the other end can do so if they want to.

"The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority -- which coordinates the
internet -- has been prototyping a system to sign the root-zone file
for the last year, but they can't do the same for the internet's top
servers without approval from the Department of Commerce"

Sounds like some work that could be recycled (and save being wasted
if it's decided to have Verisign do the dnssec instead)

> 	Herein is the value, the RIR (RIPE) is also the holder of the policy.
> With ARIN, this is not the case, there is RADB and a number of other RR's
> that are out there for varying reasons, some personal and some business.

Yes, RIPE rock. Please make it all not suck.

> 	I think in this web 2.0 world, everything you're speaking of
> can be a challenge but not be impossible.  The problem I see is there are
> no good tools.

In 2.0 world someone would make routetubebookparty and sell out to Google
for millions, VCs line up here (the owner is as close to owning the
internet as anyone)

> 	This can help you audit the routes that are going to be placed
> in a prefix-list.  How do you integrate something like this into your
> business policy?  Have customers submit a web form for their routes?  It's
> easy when your customer is AS267, but what if your customer is something
> larger like telstra?

probably signed lumps of XML, people can make it however they want

> 	If I can make this backend uglyness called "RADB/irrd" invisible
> to my customers, will that help?

I presume this would replace all the old stuff


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