Coop Peering Fabric??

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Any2 is open to support any initiative that will reinforce development of
networks and creativity within the Internet-connected community.  There have
been somewhat successful initiatives at locations such as the SIX to
interconnect exchange points, and Any2 is open to contributing to similar

In locations such as California and Washington DC, Equinix and CRG West have
many common facility-based and services networks.  A tenant in either
location should find it fairly easy to interconnect with a 3rd party between
the facilities. To my knowledge CRG West, Equinix, S&D, Savvis, nor any
other collocation or IXP provider prejudices tenants for interconnections
terminating beyond their demarcation point.  We certainly do not prevent
cross-connects outside of our properties to competitor sites.

In a couple of our properties we even facility-manage multiple IXPs within
the same building

No desire to BORG operations!


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On Aug 12, 2008, at 6:17 PM, Deepak Jain wrote:

> There are lots of providers that can do connectivity between Any2  
> and Equinix. It has been suggested privately that some Equinix MSAs  
> may prevent this sort of thing. In fact, to prevent this sort of  
> thing, I suggested providing x-connects from 1275 AND Equinix to  
> another facility to prevent Borg'ing ops in the future.
> I am not aware of Any2 pricing, but I'm sure the 6 members of CRG K  
> Street's Any2 would be happy to join any new initiative (either a  
> larger Any2 or something new).
My understanding is that ports are currently free on Any2. I think I  
remember that normally they are $1000 annually for GigE. CRG has also  
indicated that they plan to interconnect their Any2 fabrics in NYC and  
Miami with DC much like they have done in California.


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