maybe a dumb idea on how to fix the dns problems i don't know....

Victor Jerlin victor at
Sun Aug 10 19:26:04 CDT 2008


Chris Paul wrote:
> Joe Greco wrote:
>>> But we only care about TCP connection setup time in *interactive* 
>>> sessions (a human using something like the web). If you have a 
>>> persistent connection to your dns server from your dns resolver on 
>>> your browser machine, you just send the  request.... no TCP setup 
>>> there at all. You can even pool connections. We do this stuff in LDAP 
>>> all the time.
>>> How does TCP resolution work in most resolver libraries? A TCP 
>>> connection for each lookup? That is kind of dumb isn't it, speaking 
>>> of dumb.... I actually don't know. Not much of a coder, so I'll let 
>>> you coders check your code and get back to me on that...
>>> well.. maybe i'll fire up snort or wireshark and check it out later 
>>> with some different dns libs....
>> Pretending for a moment that it was even possible to make such large 
>> scale changes and get them pushed into a large enough number of 
>> clients to matter, you're talking about meltdown at the recurser 
>> level, because
>> it isn't just one connection per _computer_, but one connection per
>> _resolver stub_ per _computer_ (which, on a UNIX machine, would tend to
>> gravitate towards one connection per process), and this just turns 
>> into an insane number of sockets you have to manage.
> Couldn't the resolver libraries be changed to not use multiple connections?

And we'll change to IPv6 tomorrow!

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