Is it time to abandon bogon prefix filters?

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Aug 7 15:14:46 CDT 2008

>> How much does it help to filter the bogons? In one study conducted by
>> Rob Thomas of a frequently attacked site, fully 60% of the naughty
>> packets were obvious bogons (e.g.,, etc.)
> Stated another way, you can get 60% success on bogon filtering by
> ignoring the free pool

if and are in the free pool, we have a few more /8s in
the bank then we thought, eh? :)

btw, patrick neglected the last sentences of that paragraph, which made
me wonder what rob would actually say.  luckily, in response to my post,
rob replied that he/they would try to get some useful measures in the
near term.  i am patient.

but your post makes me inclined to beg that he/that he have a few taxa
within the bogon space.


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