Out of Date Bogon Prefix

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Thu Aug 7 14:34:30 CDT 2008

The code that Randy mentioned is part of an ARIN bogon testing 
initiative. ARIN funded this work and provided equipment to Randy to 
perform this testing.

ARIN thanks Randy and those who worked with him for the effort in this area.

ARIN will deploy this code as it continues its bogon testing efforts in
the coming year.

Nate Davis
Chief Operations Officer

Randy Bush wrote:
>>Switching topics only slightly: Nick, do you have any data on what parts
>>of the 'Net you can and cannot reach?  Perhaps take a dump of
>>route-views and ping some IPs in each ASN?  Shouldn't be hard to script,
>>and might yield useful data - both to you and the rest of us.
> tee hee.  been there.  done that.  and for  paper
> submitted a month ago, but you saw a preso of the technique a year ago,
> see <http://rip.psg.com/~randy/070604.nanog-bogons.pdf>.
> arin has the code from us so they could put it into production if they
> so chose.
> randy

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