was bogon filters, now "Brief Segue on 1918"

Darden, Patrick S. darden at armc.org
Wed Aug 6 12:19:10 CDT 2008

Actually, rereading this, I agree.  My experience is large companies take it all, using huge swathes inefficiently, instead of doing it right.  In my previous post I was answering the question I thought you were asking, not your real question.

I agree with you both.

I think that RFC1918 Could work, if companies used it correctly....  Again, though, I have only run into one company that used it correctly.  IPV6, you are our only hope! (obiwan kenobi, you are our only hope!)


Joel said
> How much of 10/8 and 172.16/12 does an organization with ~80k  
> employees, on 5 continents, with hundreds of extranet connections to  
> partners and suppliers in addition to numerous aquistions and the  
> occasional subsidiary who also use 10/8 and 172.16/12 use?

Marshall said
In my experience, effectively all of it.


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